Solution capabilities


Defining the product offer and exposing it through a selected electronic channel and the call center.


Designing and executing the full sale process for banking products, complete with signing the agreement and activating the product by the Customer.


Selling most banking products both through onboarding processes (for new customers) and through x-selling processes (for existing customers).


Managing the whole process of data flow and verification in the Bank’s internal systems.


Support for the Bank’s staff in ongoing operation of business processes and in contacts with the customers at all stages of the sale process.


a website (with RWD-Responsive Web Design support) focusing on winning new customers and selling banking products,
featuring a content management system (CMS), offer presentation, and tools for simulation, calculation,
and comparison of financial products, with seamless navigation to online forms.

Product catalog
an extensible product configurator for managing banking products and preparing the sale processes,
supporting (among others) definable product types, categories, and properties,
as well as definable product bundles (e.g. current account with a payment card).

Document generator
with configurable templates for printouts and agreements.

Online forms
a graphical form editor and online-application generator, with RWD support for mobile devices.

BPMN engine and modeler
defining and designing business processes with a graphic modeler
and process engine compliant with the BPMN 2.0 standard.

Front-office and back-office applications
supporting and managing business processes by dedicated teams in the Bank (BPMN Tasklist, BPMN Cockpit).

supporting and managing business processes by dedicated teams in the Bank (BPMN Tasklist, BPMN Cockpit).

Highlights of the Digital Product Center solution

  • Product market with an advanced content management system
  • Configurable and extensible product catalog
  • Process engine compliant with the BPMN 2.0 standard
  • Full control of the process status and processing progress
  • Internal integration bus and support for SOA/WebServices/REST
  • System based on open-source solutions
  • Optionally purchased support services for third-party products
  • Integrated reporting system
  • Document generator with dynamic template modification features
  • Dashboard applications for various groups of the Bank personnel
  • SOA architecture
  • RWD technology, omni-channel and multi-context operations
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